Back to presenting!

Picking up the pace again.

Phew… it’s been a while… I haven’t posted a lot of content on the website recently, days just seem to go by so fast when they all look the same. I’ve been very busy lately with giving talks and presentations at different schools. Some Selenium here, some Cucumber there, Testcontainers and Pact, Kotlin… all the good stuff! Now that most of the school lectures are over, I am once again going to focus on giving some presentations at meetups and conferences. [Read More]

Getting through the Q&A section of your presentation

Don't fear the Q&A... Embrace it!

Imagine being at a conference or meetup giving a talk. You completely ace it (I believe you will, even if you don’t, you badass!) but then you feel anxiety setting in. You can feel it coming for you, slowly, surely: the end of your talk. Which means… it’s time for Q&A: Questions and (hopefully) your Answers. Q&A is the most dreaded part of a presentation for some while being indispensable for others. [Read More]