A plushy controlled game (Part 2)

Learning to fly with ml5.js and the Teachable Machine

This is part two of a series. Missed part 1? Read it here! What are we building? What do you get when you mix physics and computer vision? A demo concept “game” controlled by a plush animal! So fluffy! <3 In the first post we covered the basic elements of a game. We drew items on a canvas and programmed in some physics so our big friend can jump! [Read More]

A plushy controlled game (Part 1)

A journey into p5.js

I have been fascinated by video games ever since I saw the first level of Mario. They dominated a big part of my youth and are what got me into programming in the first place. Building a website for our Call of Duty clan was probably one of the first times I can into contact with HTML and CSS. Recently however, my fascination has shifted from playing games, to discovering how they are built. [Read More]