Java improved its 'Hello World' experience

Smoother on-ramps with new Java Enhancement Proposals

No bootcamps are choosing Java. I was recently thinking about how we can get more people to program Java. While I think we still got work in many areas (more about that in future blog posts), I think the biggest influx of new Java developers could be found in bootcamps. While often overlooked when talking about “onboarding new people to our industry”, bootcamps are a great pathway to join our industry. [Read More]

Jumping into Kotlin

Early impressions

Early, but not an adopter 8 years ago, I was doing my internship at Info Support, my current employer. During that time, I got invited to join the rest of the team to my first meetup, the Visug Event April 2013. The main speaker that evening was Hadi Hariri developer advocate at Jetbrains. Hadi gave 2 talks that evening. The first was about the Silver Bullet Syndrome. The other talk was about this new programming language Jetbrains was working on. [Read More]