Back to presenting!

Picking up the pace again.

Phew… it’s been a while… I haven’t posted a lot of content on the website recently, days just seem to go by so fast when they all look the same.

I’ve been very busy lately with giving talks and presentations at different schools. Some Selenium here, some Cucumber there, Testcontainers and Pact, Kotlin… all the good stuff!

Now that most of the school lectures are over, I am once again going to focus on giving some presentations at meetups and conferences.

I got some cool stuff cooking in the oven which I can’t wait to tell you about once the ideas have crystalized a bit more. As before, it’s going to be a good mix between technical sessions and more “career advice”-style topics. Some topics are dead serious… others are quite the opposite but all of them will involve me being my excited self while presenting them.

If you want an example of a silly presentation, here is the video that was recorded at the London Java Community a week ago.

More content is coming in the future! In the meantime, keep safe!

Lots of
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